Saint finds a dollar (or a flower for your sadness) - 20 min
walking around Sun, September 25, 2022, edited in-camera
glossa2 - 3 min
a narrow road to the deep north node
untitled diary - 10 min
diary of june and july, 2022.
swamp / quest - 7min
diary of may 2022.
dear april - 9min
diary of april, 2022.
first tape of 2022 - 6min
diary of jan - feb 2022.
kill the headlights - 14min
notes and sketches from a cross country roadtrip in the summer of 2021, featuring still photos by saint piñero. 
screenings: dekarga groupo mediyo group show (january 2022)
flowers in mud - 74min
diary of 2020 in nyc, and on the road.
featuring title lettering by piffy johnson and original music by circulocirculares and robi york.
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